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    Automated Cutting, Weighing & Stacking DE

    S&H offers automated machinery for cutting, weighing and stacking ensuring the precise loading of the presses.

    The automated unit consists of the following devices:

    • Unwinding device for unwinding material from rolls or big rolls. Film removal device is integrated in the machine.
    • The cutting table enables the press to cut the sheet into recipe based and press load oriented pieces. The moving cutting bridge offers precise cuts without moving the material. The cut pieces are precisely positioned for the robot.
    • Robot to pick up the cut pieces and load the scale to start the weighing process. The last loading compensates weight differences by adjusting dimension of last piece.

    The stacking is prepared as scale by moving support of material up and down to measure weight. After measuring the weight of all pieces, a special gripper system takes them to load the press.

    The following additional features are available

    • Automatic film removal device
    • Cutting table with cutting device for parallel and trapezoidal cuts
    • Handling robot and gripper system for planning sheets on scale
    • Stacking based on recipe
    • Gripper system based on charge pattern

    Key parameters are

    WORKING WIDTH up to 2.540 mm (100'') CUTTING SPEED up to 500 mm/s BLADE CUTTING or ultrasonic blade TABLE LENGTH up to 5,000 mm

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