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    Robot based FiDoCut-R

    In order to deal with the increasing demand for rapid manufacturing and prototyping in FRP parts production, S&H has developed a robot based FiDoCut. Offering the same unique features and abilities, the so-called “FiDoCut-R” is a miniaturized lightweight edition of the well-known FiDoCut system. The downsized cutting spindle of the FiDoCut-R possesses two cutting positions and is placed on the 6th axis of an articulated robot.

    Typical applications are 2D and 3D fiber spraying of dry fibers, even with fiber orientation, as well as wet fiber spraying.

    The following additional features are available

    • Light weight design FiDoCut cutting head for adaptation on articulated arm robot
    • Additional rotation and swiveling table for higher degree of freedom
    • Complete production cells with safety housing
    • Extraction systems
    • Articulated arm robots from various brands

    Key parameters are

    CUTTER SPEED Up to 12,000 1/min ROVING SIZE Up to 4,800 tex CUTTING HEAD Flying knife with 2 cutting positions NUMBER OF ROVINGS Up to 4 rovings can be processed at a time, depending on fiber tex. CUTTING LENGTH From 1 mm to 200 mm, continuously adjustable on the fly FIBER MATERIALS Glass, basalt, carbon, kevlar, aramid, natural, chemical, hybrid, thermoplastic, metal fibers and others FIBER CUTTING PERFORMANCE: 5 to 25 kg/h, depending on fiber type

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