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    Stationary FiDoCut

    The FiDoCut high performance cutting system was especially developed for cutting and dosing of ductile fibers, such as natural and plastic fibers. The cutting length can be adjusted during the cutting process. It is possible to process different fiber materials at the same time.

    The FiDoCut system is integrated in a machine frame with an operator platform for easy access to the cutting head and the fiber feeding unit. The complete system is easy to install, to use and it can quickly be integrated in production machines.

    For the various applications and requirements the FiDoCut output performance can be increased by adding further cutting spindles into the system. With the variable fiber feeding units, also the fiber output and fiber length can be adjusted while cutting with constant rpm.

    2 versions of driven cutting spindles are available:

    • Individually driven cutting spindles for maximum production flexibility.
    • Cutting spindles with one common belt drive for economic volume production.

    The following additional features are available

    • Cutting length adjustable on the fly
    • Cutting of any fibre feedable, ductile, brittle or natural
    • Combinations of different fibre materials possible
    • Use of multiple spindles synchronous or individually powered
    • Production cells with safety housing
    • Working platforms
    • Extraction systems

    Key parameters are

    OUTPUT WIDTH Ca. 400 mm/spindle CUTTER SPEED Up to 16,000 1/min FIBER MATERIALS Glass, basalt, carbon, kevlar, aramid, natural, chemical, hybrid, thermoplastic, metal fibers and others ROVING SIZE Up to 4,800 tex CUTTING HEAD Flying knife with 3 cutting positions CUTTING LENGTH From 1 to 200 mm (or longer) NUMBER OF ROVINGS Up to 9 rovings can be processed at a time, depending on fiber tex.

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