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    Automated Bonding

    High class bonding for plastic parts by Schmidt & Heinzmann.

    The key element of the system consists of the heatable bonding tool. A shuttle table ensures a convenient component loading of the bonding tool from the pressing unit. The movement of the application unit for the adhesive bead is realized via a portal device. Thanks to a mobile tool table the portal device offers all required degrees of movement flexibility regarding the adhesive application. The electromotive lifting movement closes the tool for adhesive curing. Then the shuttle system carries the joined component outside the pressing unit, where it can conveniently be removed.

    Special highlights of the plant are:

    • The flexible handling units that can be mounted on the frame of the pressing unit. During the bonding process, these robot-like grippers are able, for instance, to insert and position additional parts required for the assembly of the adhesive parts.
    • The customized and component specific process can be programmed comfortably by means of the global control unit. A simulation based system and process pre-engineering allows for an efficient and economic design and noticeably reduces installation and commissioning of machines and tools.

    The machine can be equipped with the following features:

    • Double shuttle table
    • Robotics support for inserting parts or other added value
    • Camera system for quality check
    • Heated tools for a perfect positioning and curing process.

    The following additional features are available

    • 100 % controlled adhesive application by axe machine
    • Flexible machine concept for different part size
    • Integration of max 6 robot arms for added value
    • Adhesive application via portal device
    • Easy teaching of robot arms for fast adjustments or change over

    Key parameters are

    MACHINE SIZE 8,000 x 3,000 mm TABLE SIZE 1,200 mm x 2,000 mm VERSIONS single or double table TOOL WEIGHT max 3.5 t HANDLING UNITS maximum 6 per table

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