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    Cooling, Deburring, Coating & Cleaning

    Schmidt & Heinzmann offers fully automated handling for coating, deburring, loading of power wash cells and postprocessing.

    The cooling stations have to be customized to ensure the requested dimensions of the produced parts.

    The entire handling, including transportation, is done by robots. Their design and layout depend on the parts and the factory layout.



    The following additional features are available

    • Precise deburring of composite parts
    • Programming of the deburring unit for complex geometries to ensure tolerances and mechanical interfaces
    • System including individual deburring fixtures
    • Cleaning robot using a brush and compressed air
    • Robot fixed on a movable device allowing easy access to the mold


    DEBURRING RPM up to 80,000 rpm/min PART SIZE 2,500 mm x 2,000 mm AUTOMATIC tool change DUST PROTECTION Devices BRUSHES Antistatic COMPRESED AIR up to 6 bar ROBOT AXES Movavle up to 7,000 mm

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