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    Depending on the required composite complexity our customers can choose from a wide range of thermoset prepreg machines, e.g. flexible impregnation units for glass mats or continuously impregnating and cross cutting machines. The flexible, efficient units can be temperature controlled. The cutting process is based on PLC-controlled dimensions.

    Our advanced prepreg machines can be equipped with film or silicon based paper. Customized doctor boxes or roller coaters guarantee the exact quantity of resin before applying mats, endless fibers or chopped rovings.

    The material is impregnated by the Schmidt & Heinzmann meandric and heated impregnation unit. Exchange of paper and film, cutting and winding is integrated in the machine.

    The following additional features are available

    • Impregnation by doctor roller
    • Longitudinal and cross cutting as well as number of blanks based on recipe
    • High temperature impregnation
    • Automatic exchange of production and protection films
    • Integrated cooling section
    • Continuous automatic cutting and winding

    Key parameters are

    SPEED up to 30 m/min WIDTH up to 3,200 mm FIBER Carbon and glass

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