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    S&H offers excellent multi component pumping, dosing & mixing systems (PDM units) that allow a precise combination of the thickener or hardener with the pre-mixed resin paste. In static or dynamic mixers the paste is consistently enriched with the thickener or hardener by gravimetric, volumetric or mass flow based pumping. This guarantees homogenous pastes of high quality. Whenever needed, it is easy to clean the PDM unit including the entire pipe system by the moveable cleaning pump system.

    Also the dosage of a 3rd or 4th component, usually color pigments, can be implemented in the PDM unit and its overall PLC system. A height level sensor on each doctor box of the SMC line controls the PDM unit and ensures the ideal amount of resin in the doctor boxes. By using recipes, a constant process is guaranteed and allows to work with different resin systems including other additives, all in a wide range of viscosities.

    The PDM units are essential for the production of consistent high quality SMC material. Therefore we developed reliable and innovative PDM systems in different sizes and features.

    The following additional features are available

    • Static and dynamic mixing systems
    • 2, 3, 4 and 5 components units for use of multiple colors and thickeners/ hardeners
    • Mass flow meter for precise and reliable dosage of color pigments, thickener and hardener
    • Robust scales for gravimetrical dosage of resin
    • Component tanks in stainless steel
    • Level sensor control for all tanks
    • Intermediate resin tank for continuous production
    • Automatic resin level control in doctor boxes
    • Moveable cleaning pump for fast, efficient and convenient cleaning

    Key parameters are

    CAPACITY Up to 2,400 kg resin paste per hour VISCOSITIES Up to 50,000 cPas

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