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    Our customized tapeline production units are based on carbon rovings spreading through tension, pressure and temperature controlled devices. The tapes can be produced based on thermoset or thermoplastic matrix.

    The machine can be equipped with the following features:

    • Roving unwinding unit
    • Fiber spreading unit
    • Heat treatment
    • Paper unwinding unit
    • Tension and pressure roller system
    • Cutting devices
    • Winding devices

    The following additional features are available

    • Tension controlled roving unwind devices
    • Automatic, continuous unwinding of film and/ or paper
    • Pressure controlled heating and cooling roller system
    • Cutting devices for small rolls
    • Automatic exchange of production film/ paper and production film

    Key parameters are

    WORKING WIDTH Up to 1,600 mm WORKING SPEED up to 12 m/min INTEGRATION of multi-heating units SMALL ROLLS with width of 50 mm

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