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    Prepreg machines for impregnating glass or carbon mats with thermoplastic materials like PA.

    Heating devices like infrared and heating rollers ensure the required temperature of the mats. The melted caprolactam is applied by a special system before impregnation by the heated roller. To ensure and control the environment, especially humidity and temperature, the machine is working in an environment-controlled atmosphere to guarantee best reactivity.

    For drying the technical textiles before usage we recommend tempering systems like heating rollers or infrared radiators ensuring constant process temperatures.

    The subsequent processes for film removal, cutting and handling are operated fully automatically.

    The following additional features are available

    • Drying sections for material rolls
    • Heating devices by rolls and IR
    • Special “Matrix Apply System” in combination with heated doctor roller
    • Cross and longitudinal cutting
    • Stacking and handling devices
    • Plastic welding unit for film
    • Environment control system for extreme low humidity

    Key parameters are

    SPEED up to 30 m/min HEATING TEMPERATURE up to 160 ° C WORKING WIDTH up to 1,650 mm PRECISE CUTTING DEVICES of +/- 2 mm

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